Peace of Mind Plan

Enjoy greater safety and convenience with your peace of mind plan from Shamrock Overhaed Door

Our exclusive peace of mind plans come with all of these benefits and more! 

Experience greater safety and convenience of our exclusive peace of mind plan.
Enjoy these benefits free to each plan for up to 3 garage doors!

Our 18 Point Garage Door Inspection Includes

Door section inspection

Bottom fixture inspection

Hinge inspection

Roller inspection

Vertical track inspection

Horizontal track inspection

Track sheaf inspection

Lift cable inspection

Torsion shaft torsion check

Safety cable inspection

Spring inspection

Yolk inspection

Spring sheaf inspection

Eye bolt inspection

bottom rubber seal inspection

Weather seal inspection

Center plate torsion check

Lock check

Our 16 Point Garage Door Operator Inspection Includes

Motor head inspection

Back hang support check

Gear assembly check

Circuit board inspection

Cell wiring check

Wall station wiring check

Photo eye inspection

Travel limit evaluation

Wall station check

Rail inspection

Trolly inspection

Arm bar inspection

Shoe mount check

Emergency release test

Pressure reverse check

Photo eye bracket check

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