Frequently Asked Questions


Check to see if the photo eyes are on or if anything is blocking the beam between the photo eyes.

First, check the batteries in your remote and change if needed. If that is not the problem, check to see if the wall button is in vacation mode. If the wall button light is blinking, it’s in vacation mode. Hold the lock button in for a few seconds to take it out of vacation mode.

The average life of a garage door spring system is typically 7-9 years, if the spring set was calculated for 10,000 cycles based on being used 2-4 times per day.

Since the garage door is being used more like a front door by most busy families, the springs may only last between 4-6 years, or even less. 

There are two types of spring systems: Extension springs and Torsion Springs.

Extension springs are typically used for small, lightweight non-insulated doors.

Torsion springs are the preferred spring system, since they are safer and provide a smoother operation. In addition, a torsion spring system allows for engineering a high cycle count. Through a mathematical equation, the spring life can usually be doubled to 20,000 cycles, ensuring a longer time period of use without failure.

Though some doors are built to last, some parts do occasionally wear out or become damaged. If you are reasonably handy and follow the detailed instructions in your installation manual, you can do some repairs yourself. Some of the parts that may require repair include  bottom seal, lift handles, windows and window inserts. However, we strongly recommend that replacing springs, door sections, tracks and operators be handled by a garage door professional. If you are not sure, please feel free to book a service appointment with us today! 

If your garage door is used daily, then it is important that it is properly maintained.You should get your garage doors serviced roughly once every 12 months.


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  • 24 Point Door Safety Inspection
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